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My Amazing Music Analysis Webpage!

"I envision a day when you can put the brains of smart people in the bodies of stupid people" - Steve Martin

        Welcome to Amazing Jamis' Musical Lyrics and Analysis Page. You finally have somewhere to go to learn the moral or     psychological significance of your favorite songs.  Right now I'm just putting out the songs I know of (which is basically alot of punk and alternative).  I won't be giving any meanings for Ska songs, because they're basically all about the same thing.  Having fun.  Also, don't come here looking for meanings to that poor excuse for music commonly known as "Country".  I don't want to explain 1000 songs that are usually about how attracted you are to your cousin or your depression over your dog raping your boot.  I may upload some MP3s sooner or later.  Have fun with the website!  If you have any special requests for songs to be analyzed, just email me at Also, submit some lyrics if you want.
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Top Ten Most Angry Songs
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