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Top Ten Happy Songs

        Here you go guys.  These songs don't have any real special purpose.  Their just plain ole songs that happen to be really great and really happy.  I would recommend most of these songs to be played at a party.  Now this list is only my basic opinion.  So hurry up and send me your list of the best happy songs of all time.  Lets face it.  No one really gives a dead fly and a rat's left butt cheek about what I say are the best songs.  The world and I want to know what you, the people, have to say. is my address so send me your lists.

10. Mustard Plug - Brain on Ska
9. The W's - Stupid
8. No Doubt - Trapped in a Box
7. Blur - Song 2
6. AC/DC - All Night Long (!--This may not be the right name!--)
5. KISS - Rock N Roll All Night  (!--This may not be the right name!--)
4. Barenaked Ladies - It's All Been Done
3. Mustard Plug - Living in a Box
2. Mustard Plug - Skank by Numbers
1. Ren and Stimpy - Happy Song

If these songs don't put a big goofy smile on your face, I don't know what will.

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